Lions KidSight USA


PCC Nanette Burdick

“Where There’s a Need, There’s a Lion!”

Through our KidSight USA Pediatric Vision Screening program, we have referred many children through the school nurse for further eye care and or examination and treatment. Many parents of those children had no idea that their child had any vision problems.  But because of our Lions KidSight USA program, they were able to get their child the medical care that they needed.  WE SERVE!

Thank you to: Lions Lee Anderson, Vicky Berry, Charlene Best, Dean Beverly, Dianne Bouchard, Kathy Bristol, Betsy and PCC David Burgess, Dick Campbell, Sheila Coderre, Noel Corrassio, Sue Currie, Marc Czarnowski, Joanne Davis, Bob Denesha, Marty Dexter, Mike DiRaimo, Bill Donovan, Pat Donovan, Tom Egan, Douglas Elliot, Scott Ewart, and PDG Bob Erickson.

As well as, Janis and Susan Esty, Jack and Lori Faski, Leia Faucher, Patricia Faucher, Elaine Flagherty, Skye Garafalo, Karen Geisler, Dick Gerber, Bernie Gilbert, Jeff Glidden Bill Grabek, Stephen Gudernatch, David and Dianna Harrington, Don Hart, Dan Hatch, George Householder, Linda Howard, Nancy Keyes, Greg King, Susanne Kosnis, Guy Lardizzone, Joe Latour, JoAnn Long, Adalyn Lukachie, Sophie Mercer, Frank Meunier, Peter Mann, Jim Mitchell, Dick Mlyniec,  Karen Moseley, Angie Oakes, Gary Pillion, Deb Rajaniemi, and Peter Sailne. 

Additionally, thanks go out to our very own District Governor Teri Schlosser, Nancy Senick, Amanda Shanks, PDG Julie Shilosky, Renee Shippee, Laura Simoni, Karen Skut, Claudia Sweetland, SVDG Jim Tripp, Patricia Valys, Roberta Vincent,  Elaine Wilson, Harry Williamson, Craig Wutsch.

We are so proud of you and our TEAM captains: PDG Laura Rowe, Lions Robert Fowler, Lynn Johnson, Stephen Faucher, Carol Marchigiano and PCC Nanette Burdick. If I failed to mention any of our dedicated screeners, or have misspelled your name, kindly forgive my oversight.  I thank you all as well!  Way to go, TEAM!

Our District 23C KidSight USA Team Members are everywhere!  In addition to our local schools, we have served at local fundraising functions, such as Holiday Crafts and Health Fairs! 

The KidSight USA program screens at local events, schools and daycare facilities. A trained Lion uses a high-tech screening device, a Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener®

The Spot Vision Screener® is a handheld, portable, ocular screening device designed to help quickly and easily detect vision issues in children as young as six months. It gives results in seconds, which automatically captures an image from a non-invasive, three-foot distance using the fixation target and sounds that help keep a child’s focus

Our KidSight USA Pediatric Vision Screening Team is as follows:

Middlesex County w/Various Other Locations:

New London County w/Various Other Locations:

Tolland County w/Various Other Locations:

Windham County w/Various Other Locations:

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