Cabinet Committees


Maria Gladue

Audit Committee

DG Eileen Akers

Camp Rising Sun
PDG Keith Lemire, PDG Bill Allen, 

Childhood Cancer/St. Baldrick’s Foundation
PDG Laura Rowe

Lion Cindy Rooth

Constitution & Bylaws
Policy and Protocol
VDGs Jim Tripp, & PDG Keith Lemire

Convention Chair
PDG Susan Fisher

CT Radio Information System (CRIS)
Charlie Wynn

Diabetes Chair
Lion Pam Zimmerman

District Administrator
PCC Frank Rowe

District Doings
Lion Sharon Tiezzi

PCC Ken Tucker

Eyeglass Collection and Extravaganza
VDG Joanne Davis an Lion Howard Geltman

Finance Committee
CT Mary Jane Malavasi (Chair), PCC Diane Bielski,
PDG Ed Fisher, & Lion Russ Tait

Global Extension Team Coordinator
PDG Michele Wyatt

Global Leadership Team
PCC Nanette Burdick

Global Membership Team
PDG Julie Shilosky

Global Service Team
Doria Daviau

Hearing Preservation
IPDG Sue Fisher

Humanitarian Recognition
PDG Mary Krogh

Hunger & Homeless
PDG Laura Rowe

 Information Technology/District Directory Production
PCC Frank Rowe, Austin Huang

Journey for Sight
Mikayla Van Dam

Kindness Matters
Lisa Klein

PDG Mary Krogh, Lion Susan Esty

Lions Kidsight USA Program
PCC Nanette Burdick

Leo Liaison
PDG Diana Grisè

Lions Tale
PCC Frank Rowe

Long Range Planning
PCC Frank Rowe, 2nd VDG Joanne Davis, Lion Denise Murphy 

Low Vision Center
Steven Martin

ZC Paula Roswell, Lion Doria Daviau

Peace Contest
Michelle Smith

Pin Trader
Bill Burdick

Service Dogs
Sandra Welles, Wendy DeBarros
PCC Hilary Kumnick (FIDELCO)

Veterans Outreach
Darla Pigeon

Council Committee Members

Connecticut Charities  
PCC Ken Tucker & Frank Rowe

Constitution & By-laws
VDG Jim Tripp & PDG Keith Lemire

VDG Jim Tripp, PCC Diane Bielski

Global Extension Team
PDG Michele Wyatt

Leadership Team
PCC Nanette Burdick

Global Membership Team
 PCC Hilary Kumnick
PDG Julie Shilosky

Global Service Team
Lion Doria Daviau

Hearing Preservation
PDG Sue Fisher, VDG Joanne Davis

Information Technology
PCC Frank Rowe & Leo-Lion Austin Huang

Leo Clubs/Youth Outreach
DG Diana Grisè

Lions Clubs International Foundation
PDG Mary Krogh, Lion Susan Esty

Long Range Planning
PCC Frank Rowe and Lion Denise Murphy

Marketing & Communications
ZC Paula Roswell, Lion Doria Daviau

Permanent Convention
PDG Michele Wyatt, PDG Sue Fisher, VDG Jim Tripp, CC Teri Schlosser

Policy and Protocol
VDG Jim Tripp and CC Teri Schlosser

Promote Connecticut
PDGs Keith Lemire & Denise Dudeck

Ad Hoc Committees:

Childhood Cancer: PDG Laura Rowe

Connecticut Pin Traders: Bill Burdick

Diabetes: Lion Pam Zimmerman

New England Lions Council (NELC): PCC Hilary Kumnick

Opening Eyes: PDG Mary Krogh

Veterans Programs: Darla Pigeon